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Monday, March 27, 2017

What is the Eagle Project?

An Eagle Project is a service project done by boy scouts in which the Scout helps out a school, religious institution, or community and is part of the Eagle Scout requirement. The Scout would direct the project and lead it to its completion while enlisting the help of others. Because of this, the Eagle Project is a symbol of leadership while also being a special contribution to your community. And remember, you should get the help of friends to complete your project - teamwork is key! Here are some ideas for where to start:

Here are some ideas for where to start:

Make a shed for your local elementary school or church! Sheds can be useful for helping the school or church keep gardening supplies or other items. Or, the school can use your shed as a ball shack. Plus, you’ll learn how to build and design your own miniature building!

If you are the computer kind of person, maybe you’ll want to make a database for your local museum. For example, you could program a database with pictures and descriptions of different cars or planes! Your database could even be on display for the public to use at a museum if you did the project for the museum.

Blaze a ¼ Mile Trail:
Perhaps you are the adventurous kind of person and your greatest desire is to hit the woods. But this time, blaze your own trail instead of using an existing one! You can blaze a trail through the woods with friends for your local park or reserve.

Butterfly Garden:
If you enjoy the beauty of nature, you could plant a butterfly garden to attract butterflies to your local school or church! Make your school more beautiful by adding butterflies and flowers to the scene. You could also take this as a chance to learn about different flowers and how to grow them.

Beach Volleyball Court:
                Maybe your passion is for sports. If so, you could make a beach volleyball court! The same applies to a tennis court, baseball field, or whatever sport you’re interested in. You could be the first to play on your very own court!

                You could make a carnival for your local community, and fundraise for your church or school! This is a way to not only have fun organizing the carnival, but also creating a big impact in your school or community. You can invite all your friends for food and entertainment.

Remember, these aren’t the only ideas for an Eagle Scout Project. Be creative! Helping the community is a broad category, so you can use your wildest imaginations. Good luck with your project!

Other  Fun Eagle Project Ideas:
1.      Arch Bridge
2.       Benches
3.       Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Table
4.       Helicopter Landing Pad
5.       Painting Map of the USA in an Elementary School
6.       Movie Night
7.       Web Page

Post Written by Howard W, Homework Assistant


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