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Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Fight Against World Hunger

Most people in the United States are aware of an increasingly problem around the globe: world hunger. Charities are constantly fighting against hunger, both in the United States and around the world. But what if I told you that we actually have enough food to feed the world? If we did, wouldn’t it be so easy to fix our problems of world hunger and prevent further devastation of the environment in developing countries? In fact, the United States does have food to contribute, just that it is mostly wasted.
Unfortunately, America wastes the most food out of all the countries in the entire world. 50% of our produce is thrown away and not sold to the public. One reason for the waste of food in America is that food in America is very cheap. Many people can afford to throw away food that has been left over after dinner. When companies harvest produce, such as apples, they always check each one to see if it fits quality standards. If an apple is lopsided or has a blemish on its skin, which are natural occurrences, companies simply throw it away instead of going through the trouble of attempting to sell it. Many Americans would refuse to eat an apple, simply because it was oddly shaped. Restaurants, unable to sell leftovers, simply throw them away. With the waste of food by producers, restaurants, and consumers adding up, one can easily see how America does indeed have food it can use to help people in need.
The reasons for this are awareness and efficiency. Many Americans are not aware of the amount of waste it produces. Companies like to keep secret anything that might seem immoral to the public. If people do not know that the problem exists, then people cannot solve it. Next up is efficiency. Companies are made for money, and do what they need to maximize their profit. If they have food that is not shaped in an appealing way, they might dispose of the food instead of spending money to ship it and then have it be thrown away after not being bought.
What can you do to help? First of all, change must begin from within, not without. Set yourself up as an example, and others will follow. Show people that you are willing to conserve and not waste food simply because you can buy more. Then, tell people about the problem. The more people who realize why there are others who are hungry the better. But the best way to improve the situation is to work with the companies.
In order to fix the problem of food waste, many charities have begun to get food from companies that they would not sell. Instead, this food is given for free to people who need it. If expanded, this can reach across the globe, so that no food produced would be wasted, and no children would have to stay hungry. Another expanding idea is the idea of buying leftovers from restaurants and selling them at half price, so people who desperately need food can have access to it for less money. In reality, the key to enough food is simple: stop wasting it.

Post Written by Howard W, Homework Assistant

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