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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hapara - The Student's Nightmare

During this past month of October at Mountain View High School, the administration has imposed upon the students something even worse than homework or a standardized test: Hapara. Now, you might ask, what is there that can possibly be worse than homework? To many students at Mountain View High School, Hapara is definitely worse than having to write an essay or giving a speech in English class. Indeed, what makes Hapara so scary to some is that it is a chrome extension. That allows teachers to view everything you do on your browser.

Many students at the school dislike Hapara because they feel that it is an intrusion upon their privacy. Students used to be able to get away with messaging on Facebook or playing games in class, but now the teacher can call them out if they do so. Teachers can even spy on students’ tabs when not in the room. One day, we had a substitute teacher, and apparently some students weren’t paying attention in class, because the next day our teacher was very disappointed due to people being off task during our Socratic Seminar (although I do not know why she scheduled a seminar for a day on which she wasn’t at school – it was a very bad idea, nonetheless). Although it helps teachers keep students on task, with Hapara, teachers can view their students’ entire Chrome browsers. It takes away from the students’ freedom and the idea of a personalized computer. While at school, students do their work with the constant thought in the back of their head that someone is watching them.

On the other hand, teachers approve of Hapara because it gives them more power in control in the classroom. From a teacher’s perspective, it is disrespectful for students to be playing games or messaging people on Facebook in class while the teacher is trying to get them to pay attention. What do you think about Hapara? Write your opinions in the comments below.

Post Written by Howard W., Homework Assistant

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