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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The World’s Most Inspiring Teens

It's crazy, but nonetheless inspiring, to think of what other teens (your age or younger) have managed to accomplish at their age. You are all amazing people in your own ways, and these teens are certainly no exception.

At 19, Boyan Slat created a solution to cleaning up the Pacific garbage patch in the ocean. By stringing a huge blockade and screen across polluted waters and collecting the trash along a conveyor belt, this could clean up a huge portion of the ocean pollution.

At 17, Angela Zhang (from Cupertino!) developed a potential cure for cancer. By essentially tagging tumors with nanoparticles, doctors could see the tumor regions under infrared light and target these to kill the cancer. So cool!

At 16, Martin Odegaard became the youngest person to ever play for the Real Madrid Castilla football team when he subbed in for Cristiano Ronaldo at the 58th minute of the game.

At 15, Jack Andraka was just a high school sophomore when he invented a test for detecting early pancreatic cancer, an illness that has just a 2% chance of survival. A self-proclaimed “science geek,” Andraka’s discovery won him the Intel International Science Fair.

At 14, Rowan Blanchard had spoken at the UN Women annual conference, starred Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World, and spoken out for feminism. At 14, I was just trying to survive my freshman year of high school.

At 13, Katelyn Lohr just wanted to wear socks with her flip flops but everyone made fun of her. Instead, she decided to create toeless socks, and now she has her own business to help others experiencing the same issue!

At 13, Mallory Kievman solved an issue that no one has quite seemed to figure out: how to stop hiccups! By testing different spices and ingredients, she developed the Hiccupop, a lollipop that can end a nasty bout of hiccups. Now that is my kind of invention!

Know any other inspiring teens that are out there, creating solutions in our world? Never believe that you are too young to accomplish something, because you actually have more potential than any other generation. Speak up, act out, and "be the change you wish to see in the world." 

Post by Katia G., Homework Assistant

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