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Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Thoughts on the Rio Olympics

Hello everyone and welcome back to school! While school took full effect last week, I still made sure to make time to watch my favorite television: the Rio Olympics!

The Olympics were absolutely incredible: over 200 nations cametogether to celebrate the peak of athleticism, which is why millions of us tuned in every night to watch. There are tons of crazy things that go on, but when I'm watching, here are my thoughts:

The people chosen to perform were actually indigenous Brazilians!
1. This opening ceremony and environmental theme is AMAZING.
2. OMG look at how they are moving those weird glowing strings.
3. Giselle Bundchen walking across the stadium is one long moment.
4. Yes! Michael Phelps is the flag bearer that makes me proud.
5. The refugee Olympians are perhaps the most inspiring group of individuals and they SO deserve it!

Jessica Parratto and Amy Cozad compete in the synchronized diving from the 10m platform.
6. It's been 24 hours and Katie Ledecky has already broken a record. Casual.
7. Who is this superwoman Simone Biles and why am I only just watching her now?
8. Yes, Laurie Hernandez is the cutest, spunkiest person to ever grace the world stage.
9. The world has been blessed with the beauty of synchronized diving.
10. OMG that platform is 10 meters and they are FLIPPING off it?!
11. Um, hello judges are you awake because that was a perfect 10!

The "Final Five" are all so talented it's impossible to choose a favorite.
12. Doesn't it hurt your brain to wear two swim caps like that?
13. Why does Michael Phelps always wear those headphones?
14. I think Michael's baby boy Boomer is the real MVP here.
15. You keep killing it Katie Ledecky.
16. So many of these swimmers go to Stanford, my home turf! #fearthetree
17. When a female gymnast is 5'3 she looks like a giant.

Phelps is the legend that makes us proud.
18. Aly Raisman is a returning legend and Simone Biles is the new one. Go USA!
19. Madison Kocian you may have got silver but if it were up to me you'd be the gold ;)
20. Michael Phelps is starting his last individual race - don't cry.
21. Michael is swimming (and slaying) his last relay - don't cry.
22. Michael is at his last award ceremonies and he is crying and now so am I.
23. Honestly how is USA so good at swimming?

Simone Manuel (who attends Stanford University!!!) has this priceless reaction to winning gold in the 50m final.

24. So what are those little statues they get at the medal ceremony? (I did some research on this one. As opposed to giving medal winners flowers as the Olympics have done in the past, Rio is extending their theme of sustainability by giving out these Rio figurines/metal holders instead. Pretty cool!)
25. What's the likelihood they tie when they measure to 0.01 seconds?

Mo Farah and Galen Rupp are friendship goals.
26. Track and Field has started and I'm not looking back
27. You're a true athlete when you fall in the 10,000 meters and still win. (Ahem, Mo Farah).
28. Is it okay that I rooted more for South Africa in the 400 m final than Team USA.
29. They just jumped 7'5" in the high jump, soooo yeah.
30. Usain Bolt has arrived. And he has won it. Again. Go Jamaica!
31. The sportsmanship in the women's 5000 meter prelims is beyond inspiring.

Still a little crazed, to be honest. The Bahamas wins with a dive!
32. When I watch the steeplechase and hurdles I forget that they are running faster than I could ever AND simultaneously jumping over barriers.
33. Oh no the Olympics has just a few days left :(
34. I will keep humming along to the Olympic theme every time it plays.
35. It is now midnight and I have watched five hours of this.
36. Team USA is #1 in medal counts. Rep that red white and blue.
37. Tokyo 2020; I'm ready for you.

What are some of your random observations from the Olympics?
I hope you enjoyed this year's games as much as I did! Also, I invite you to check out my predictions from earlier in the Spring for Team USA to compare to the results!

Written by Katia G., Homework Assistant