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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Milk Tea

By now, it is more than likely that you have tried milk tea at least once, with many shops in Mountain View.  If you have somehow never heard of this drink or want to learn more, read on.

What is it?
Milk tea starts off as regular tea (either black or green) that is mixed with syrup and condensed milk. From there, things like powder, fruit, or artificial sweetener can be added for flavor. This allows for specialty flavors like caramel or honeydew. Finally (and most distinctively), mix-
ins like chewy tapioca balls (also known as boba) or fruit jelly can be added for texture.

How Did it Start?
There are many origin stories on the internet but it is widely accepted that milk tea had its start in Chun Shui Teahouse in Taiwan. Liu Han-Chieh, the founder, was inspired to make iced tea after seeing iced coffee on a trip to Japan. From there, product manager Lin Hsiu Hui poured tapioca balls into iced tea on a whim during a boring meeting. Loving the drink, the shop put it on the menu, where it sold very well. The company decided not to trademark the drink, allowing it to spread throughout the world.

Where to Get It? 
As mentioned earlier, milk tea has spread globally. For some local milk tea, check out these Mountain View shops: 

In downtown Mountain View: Teaspoon, Tea Era, Jazen Tea, Verde Tea, Tapioca Express 
Near Mountain View High School: Ocha, Tea Annie 

I hope you find this post informative! Feel free to share some of your favorite milk tea spots in the comments.

Written by Jenna M., Homework Assistant 

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