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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Favorite Documentaries

Girl Rising
What's to love: I've seen this stunning documentary three times, and each time it has managed to re-inspire me. It tells the story of several different girls from around the world as a method for addressing girls' education on an international scale.
See the trailer here
How to Watch: You can download the movie online here

What's to love: Just like Girl Rising, this is a documentary that will take you on a trip around the world. Happy is on a search to determine what makes us, as humans, happy.
See the trailer here
How to Watch: Happy is available on Hulu here
Exit through the Gift Shop
What's to love: Documentaries are a fun way to learn about a topic that is particularly foreign. Herein lies the appeal of "Exit through the Gift Shop", which chronicles one filmmaker's attempt to track down and befriend Banksy, a world renowned street artist who has famously managed to keep his identity a secret.
See the trailer here
How to Watch: Exit Through the Gift Shop is available on Netflix.
What's to love: Babies chronicles the first year of four babies, from San Francisco, to Tokyo, to Namibia, to Mongolia. It's awesome to see how different infanthood is around the world.
See the trailer here
How to Watch: You can stream"Babies" via Amazon here
Chef's Table Episode 1
What's to love: While each of the six episodes that make up Chef's Table is interesting in a unique way, the first of the series was by far my favorite. This installment follows Italian chef Massimo Bottura's rise to prominence in the culinary world. There are also elements of this episode that feel like a romantic comedy so it's a win-win.
See the trailer here
How to Watch: Chef's Table is available on Netflix
The Woman Who Wasn't There
What's to love: File this one under 'weird but strangely engrossing'. IMBD describes this doc as "a psychological thriller that goes inside the mind of history's most infamous 9/11 survivor." What makes Tania Head, the former president of The World Trade Center Survivors' Network, so infamous? Head was never in the Twin Towers on 9/11 and her "epic story of grief was a complete fabrication". 
See the trailer here
How to Watch: "The Woman Who Wasn't There" is available on Hulu
The House I Live In
What's to love: I was really surprised by how engrossing this story was. "The House I Live In" explores America's ongoing "War on Drugs" from the perspective of everyone from the "dealer to the grieving mother, the narcotics officer to the senator". This movie will provide a whole new perspective on one of the US's most pressing domestic issues.
See the trailer here
How to Watch: "The House I Live In" is available on Amazon.

First Position
What's to love: For those outside of the world of dance, First Position provides a fascinating look at the cut-throat daily lives of the world's most elite ballerinas.
See the trailer here
How to Watch: First Position is available on Netflix and iTunes

Post written by Allie, Homework Assistant

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