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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Productive Things to Do on the Internet

It is quite easy to get distracted with technology, and the Internet is not helping. When I have some free time, it is easy to get caught up in the depths of Facebook, Youtube, or aimless social media. However, there are ways to be productive on the Internet! You could be helping out a nonprofit, educating yourself, or EVEN making money! Find out how below.

Do some good at Freerice.com
Freerice is an amazing organization that has set up a system to give rice to hungry families in third world countries. It simultaneously educates you by quizzing you in vocabulary, math, science, geography, art history, and more subjects.
How does it work? Basically, you are tested with multiple choice questions. For every answer you get correct, Freerice will donate 10 grains to a hungry person as a humanitarian cause. Too good to be true? Well the UN World Food Program set up Freerice and the rice is paid for by the advertisers on the site. The more you play (and educate yourself!), the more rice that is donated on your behalf. Do I hear SAT vocabulary review, anyone?

Plan out your virtuous life at bucketlist.org.
Although we can’t all skydive or fly to Rome at this very moment, we are all dreamers. Jotting down those dreams on a bucket list will help you to achieve them. If you ever get a sudden inspiration, keep track of your hopes and dreams, and set a “due date” so you will actually complete it! I’ve had a fun time maintaining my bucket list, and it is a wonderful thing to keep with you so you can be living your best life. Just imagine the possibility! Want to travel to the Great Wall, to Venice, to Mars? Write it down and follow your aspirations.

Make money with online surveys.
Just recently, I made accounts on both OpinionOutpost.com and iPoll.com and I have already made several dollars, just by providing my feedback. Lots of companies want to know about their products, so they are willing to pay us consumers in exchange for our insight. Prizes include gift cards to tons of different places. The only downfall is that you probably won’t be eligible for many surveys as a minor, but it’s still worth it if you are making easy cash.

What’s your most productive online activity? If you get the chance, try out one of these websites! It’s such a busy life these days, but these ideas are a good way to decompress, while still being productive.

Written by Katia G., Homework Assistant

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