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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mountain View Favorites

I grew up strolling along Castro Street, picnicking at Shoreline Lake, attending library storytime, and splashing away at the Eagle Park pool. Having lived in Mountain View the majority of my life, I can appreciate all the charming features amidst the innovation that surrounds our lovely city. There’s certainly no place like home; these are the things about Mountain View that make it my home.

My favorite restaurant?
Taqueria Los Charros. This quaint Mexican eatery is as authentic as it gets. The newer restaurant is on El Camino, but the original, real food is at the downtown Mountain View taqueria just off Castro. The carnitas tacos are a favorite of mine, but you won’t be able to resist their burritos, tamales, enchiladas, and (mmmm) horchata!
Mountwatering Mexican food is just a block away from the library! 
My favorite park?
This is a tricky one. With the spacious Cuesta Park to the limitless fun at Rengstorff, our community has lots of beautiful spaces. However, one park that I always love returning to is Gemello Park. With just a small playground and grassy hill, this place is picture perfect for sunbathing on a summer day, and it has a soft spot in my heart because I grew up on the baby swings. 

My favorite hang out?
The View Teen Center is so legit, you guys! I only visited for the first time recently, but everyone is automatically in love the moment they step into the building. Everything, from the staff, the activities, and the games, are all there for our use. That is, anyone living in Mountain View, Los Altos, or attending MVLA schools.

My favorite dessert place?
I could be classy and recommend a trendy spot like Snozen or Gelato Classico, but there is nothing that satisfies my sugar needs more than a perfectly round scoop of Baskin Robbins, located at the corner of Shoreline and El Camino. On top of that, Baskin Robbins does a great job giving back to the community, and you can always find them supporting local events.

My favorite local business?
Book Buyers, located on Castro, buys and sells used books. It often sits overpowered by Books, Inc., next door, but this place has so many wonderful finds and charms. As soon as you walk through the door, their crazy large calendar collection will have you fixated! If you love books, this place is a must.

So easy to get lost in the aisles of Book Buyers!

My favorite event?
How is an MV native supposed to so readily choose just one event from the whole year?? I think my favorite annual event would be the Art and Wine Festival in September, because it’s always a lovely time of year and it’s great to see the community get together.

My favorite entertainment?
The movie theatre would be a classic option, but on a larger scale, we have our very own amphitheatre at Shoreline which holds up to 20,000 people! I’ve had an amazing time seeing The Script, One Republic, Pentatonix, and Kelly Clarkson at this venue, and the lawn seats (often just $20-$30 per ticket!) are perfect on a warm night. Of course, the concert will be a blast, too, because nothing beats live music.
I bet you can recognize these twin tents from miles away! 
As a longtime Mountain View resident, this place will always mean so much to me, and these are just some of my favorite aspects that make it so special. What are you favorite places and why? Make sure to share so I can check them out!

Written by Katia G., Homework Assistant

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