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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Earth Day 2016

Happy 2016th Birthday, planet Earth!!.... Well, not quite, the Earth is actually billions of years old... 

Nevertheless, Earth Day is a day to celebrate our precious planet and encourage its conservation. On Friday, April 22nd, Earth Day will be celebrated worldwide, being commemorated with various events in your community. There’s many ways to do this-- whether you want to join the eco-festivities, volunteer, or challenge yourself to be a greener person.

As a passionate environmentalist myself, I would encourage you to live with the ‘green’ mindset, “Earth Day, Everyday.”

Want a challenge?
Try buying nothing on Earth Day.
No food, no gas, no clothing, etc. You may find it surprisingly difficult to cut off all consumerism, but by doing this, you are drastically lessening your footprint left on Earth. As a highly consumerist culture, we buy much more than we need, and that stuff often gets thrown out in a few years, only to lay rotting away in another garbage dump. Instead, eat those leftovers in your fridge, bike to school if you’re out of gas, and think twice before buying any material possessions. More ideas can be found on my past post about Living Green!

Want a fun time?
Attend the Earth Day and Healthy Community Festival at the Cupertino Civic Center on April 30.

For an even better day trip, take the train to San Francisco (lighter commute) and attend the Earth Day Street Fest! There will be food, crafts, vendors, music, and tons of creative environmental expression.

Want to give back?
Many local organizations will be commemorating Earth Day by hosting tree-planting events, habitat restorations, and various trash clean-ups. You could make a small difference and return your love to planet Earth. Find great opportunities at Canopy (Tree Planting on Saturday, April 23), Acterra , and Mountain View Trees as well.

I encourage you all to celebrate Earth Day in some way, shape, or form this year. It’s so important to appreciate the raw beauty that our environment has to offer, so be sure to preserve it on this day, and every day! If you have any Earth Day plans, I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Post by Katia G., Homework Assistant

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