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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

TV Shows About Government

As you probably know, this year is a presidential election year. Excitement is rising as primary results roll in. No matter who you support, check out these government-themed shows to get you further in the spirit.

1. House of Cards:
This show is a very exciting political drama that portrays the sometimes ruthless side of government. It stars Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood, a South Carolina representative that aims to gain more political power with the help of his wife, Claire. This show currently has five seasons and is only available on Netflix.

2. The West Wing 
For a more optimistic view of the White House, look no further than The West Wing. This chronicles President Bartlett (Martin Sheen) and his staff navigating major problems plaguing the nation. It is both loved and criticized for its idealistic depictions of people in power, who are both capable and highly moral. This show ran from 1999 to 2006 and is now available on Netflix.

3. Quantico:
Okay, this is not really about government, but it is just so good that I think it deserves a pass. This show follows Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra), a top FBI recruit who is framed for terrorism. The show alternates between flashbacks of her training in Quantico and her current struggle to prove her innocence and find the true culprit. This show blends intriguing characters, mysterious pasts, and an intense, fast-paced plot. This show is at the start of its second season and airs on ABC Sundays at 10. 

4. Parks and Recreation
And finally, a hilarious show about local government. This follows Leslie Knope (Amy Pohler) and her coworkers in the Parks and Recreation department of Pawnee, a small town in Indiana. This show features memorable characters, crazy situations, and witty dialouge. (Think The Office but for the government). This show ended its seven season run last year and can be watched through Netflix or Hulu.

I hope you enjoy these shows! Feel free to share some of your favorite government/political TV shows in the comments.

Written by Jenna M., Homework Assistant 

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