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Friday, March 4, 2016

Savvy Shopping

The glorious temptation of going shopping  can land you with an empty wallet at the end of the day. Here are tips that I’ve found for buying affordable, quality clothing – without the crazy prices.

1. Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, and Ross
These off-price stores will become your best friends. I still wear all my favorite, high-end clothing brands, but the prices are cut in half when purchased at one of these stores. A jacket that is regularly priced at $40 could cost just $14.99! 

2Thrift shopping
Although it is not for everyone, hitting up your local Goodwill is where the real inexpensive treasures hide. Don’t be fazed by the idea of wearing worn clothing – lots of donations are in mint condition. You can leave the store with dozens of clothing items, even if you just bring "$20 in your pocket."

Channel your inner Macklemore and hit up that thrift shop down the road.
 3. CLEARANCE racks
Of course, the stuff on the front displays is beautiful and tempting, but if you can keep walking to the back of the store, you’ll find equally beautiful garments that are being faded out in the clearance. NEVER pay full price for an item, because many stores offer regular sales so that the item you want will inevitably be discounted in just a few weeks’ time. 

4. Coupons!
While there are not huge savings involved, it doesn't hurt to scroll through a coupon website before heading off to shop. ("500,000 coupons for 50,000+ stores") can be visited  online or downloaded as a smartphone app.

Got any shopping tips of your own? In the meantime, here’s my personal tip: if you’re going to a mall, consider the Milpitas Great Mall which has outlet stores that offer your favorite brands at discounted prices. Happy shopping!

Written by Katia G., Homework Assistant

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