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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rainy Day Activities

So lately, we’ve had some heavy rain for our neck of the woods. This is largely due to the storms brought in by El Nino, which is stronger than ever this year. While there’s plenty of ways to get all mopey about cloudy skies and thunderstorms, embrace this year’s rainy season to make the most of it!

  1. Rainy Day Crafting
Admire the lovely rain falling down from the comfort of your home. While Netflix and popcorn would be your go-to rainy day “activity,” try something more productive and do that Pinterest project you’ve been dying to try! For me, I can’t wait to work on this California string art that reminds me of sunnier days :)

  1. Run in the Rain
If you easily get sick from the cold, maybe don’t try this one, but if you are down for adventure, this can be an awesome experience. Just some tips! Don’t wear any cotton material. If you wear a jacket, make sure the material will wick away moisture. If you’re really up for it, though, run in a dri-fit top and feel the cool rain on your skin.

  1. Indoor Sports
Our area has a lot of great facilities that can help keep you entertained. Planet Granite can keep you busy all day with rock climbing, you can flip and jump away at Sky High, or take a classic day with friends at the bowling alley. Vallco’s BowlMor lanes is always a fun venue.

4. Puddle Jumping
You are never too old. Put on a rubbery pair of your best rain boots- you know the drill! Happy splashing!

5. Relax
Take a hot bath without worrying about hurrying off anywhere. The storm’s not going away anytime soon. Bring out the bubble bath, get out some nail polish, and read a good book. Head to the library to get your favorite titles.

What do you enjoy doing on rainy days? Try out these suggestions and maybe you can find some sunshine in between all the raindrops.

Written by Katia G., Homework Assistant

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