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Thursday, February 4, 2016

3 Things You Didn't Know about the City of Mountain View Part 3

                                                         14. Berlin Wall
Pohle and his friends next to their mark
on the Berlin Wall.
In 2013, the City of Mountain View recieved a large piece of the Berlin Wall as a gift from Los Altos resident Frank Renatus Golzen, a wealthy real estate developer. In July of last year, however, the Mountain View Voice reported on the backstory of the slab's graffiti that reads "Wir liben dich" which translates to "We love you". The man who, along with his friends, created the graffiti Robin Pohle contacted the library to share his story.
"Pohle explained that he had painted...with his friends...to bid farewell to their friend Polly, who was moving to Munich. In fact, the trio even snapped a photo next to the fresh graffiti."Surprisingly, they painted the slab in 1990, which was                                                               actually after the initial fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. 

5. The Grateful Dead performed at Mountain View High School in 1967
Well..not quite. The performance happened when MVHS was called Awalt High School, so it's not exactly the same thing. But, it's still pretty awesome considering that an iconic rock band had one of its very first performances at a MV high school dance!

6. Shoreline Park used to be a landfill...and a pig farm!
Shoreline Park on its opening day, 1987
Today, Shoreline is home to a nature preserve, an artificial lake, and a variety of recreation opportunities for citizens. Though it wasn't always so picturesque. The land once served as a landfill, accepting trash from San Francisco. Before that, however, it housed a large pig farm and two automotive junk yards. When the park finally opened in 1987, it was haunted briefly by its less-than-glamorous past in the form of several pesky methane fires.

Stay tuned for more little-known facts about Mountain View! Part 4 is coming soon!

Post by Allie C., Homework Assistant 

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