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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

3 Things You Didn't Know about the City of Mountain View Part 2

1. There's a time capsule buried below Castro Street!
Buried in 1990, the collection of artifacts about our city is scheduled to be open in 2090. It's located in a Castro Street median and is marked with an ornately
decorated manhole cover.

2. Pioneer Memorial Park is Built on a cemetery
Many are familiar with the beautiful grassy expanse behind the Mountain View Library, but few know Pioneer Park's surprising history. The land was originally donated to the Presbyterian church as a non-denominational cemetery. The City later purchased the area and developed a park right on top of the bodies!

3. MV's Wunderman House was a Prohibition Era Speakeasy
Eunice Avenue was once a center of illicit activity during American Prohibition. According to the MV Voice, "Gangsters designed the house during Prohibition to look like a modest farmhouse from the outside--while inside, there was a rip-roaring vice operation complete with dancing, drinking, [and] gambling...Authorities managed to ignore the operation for 13 years before it was raided in 1933."

Stay tuned for more little-known facts about Mountain View! Part 3 is coming soon!

Post by Allie C., Homework Assistant 

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