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Monday, October 12, 2015

Required Reading Books Worth Reading: A High School Senior Looks Back

Today, I've been thinking a lot about my past English classes, which prompted me to share some of my favorite required reading books. Though my reading of the following books was mandatory, these are the books that I am so grateful to have read.

Classics for a Reason 

A Separate Peace easily ranks as one of my top five favorite books of all time. It's largely psychological (rather than action-packed) but the characters of this WWI-era novel have stuck with me ever since. 
Gatsby is brimming with fascinating characterization, imagery, symbols, and themes. But the time period (The Gilded Age) and the dynamic plot makes it effortless and engaging to read.

Destined to Become Classics?*

The Help is a blend of history, poignant emotion, and humor. It's a modern favorite with good reason!

Persepolis makes graphic novel fans of us all. This autobiographic graphic novel chronicles the author's girlhood in Iran during the Islamic Revolution.

*In case you're wondering, yep, Persepolis and The Help were actually school-assigned books for me. I went to a hippie middle school with some pretty random book choices (Also on the syllabus: The Hunger Games, Shakespeare's Macbeth, and 200-page book of stream-of-consciousness poetry. LOL).
Post by Allie C., Homework Assistant 

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