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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

If All Your Friends Jumped Off the Bridge, Would You?

If all your friends jumped off the bridge, would you? 

We are all familiar with this saying and laugh at because we would not even give it a second thought about our decision in this situation. Of course we would not jump, but an article in the New York Times believes that adolescents would actually jump off the bridge if their friends did.
This article tries to blame friends for all the reckless decisions adolescents do. Is this true, though? No. It is not true, but the article clearly has a biased opinion on the matter. Of course there are friends who can be a bad influence, but this does not mean all friends are the same. It is like saying that all food taste the same (definitely not true!). An after all, as individuals we decided whether we let our friends influence our decisions or not.
The article refers to a study conducted were subjects (people chosen to do the study) were asked to play a driving gave either alone or with friends watching. The results -of course- showed that teenagers who played while their friends watched had more crashes then adults whose friends were also watching. Okay, well it is true that peer pressure is evident among adolescents, but friends should be the scapegoat for all the dumb things adolescents do.
After searching for an article that was unbiased, the best one I came up with was Fifteen Reasons We Need Friends by Psychology Today. This article gave an impartial opinion as it not only lists the positive benefits of friends, but also the negatives. I mean the article points outs how friends can give you vital skills for life, support you through thick and thin, but also how they can make you miserable, just to name a few.
In my opinion, friends can be either be good or bad, but it is ultimately in our hands to decide whether we let our friends influence our lives.What do you think? Can friends be dangerous? I would love to hear what all of you have to say about this topic.

Maria- Homework assistant

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