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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Benefits of Performing and Visual Arts

California A-G Requirements 
When applying for California colleges, fulfilling the A-G requirements are a must. For the average student, these requirements will be completed without the student having to go out of their way, with one exception. For a lot of students, completing the one-year visual and performing arts requirement can seem like a hassle, requiring the addition of an extra class for senior year.

But why do the California university systems insist on this year? Participating in performing and visual arts can have numerous benefits. The first is how they can help students handle mistakes. In performing arts, students must continue even if they commit a folly. Although their mistake can feel disheartening, performers must learn to get over it quickly and focus on making the rest of their performance the best it can be. The same is true of visual arts. In many mediums, there is no "undo" button for mistakes (for example, after putting some paint on a canvas, it is impossible to take off). Instead, artists must incorporate their mistakes, even if it involves straying from their original vision.

Another benefit (perhaps limited to performing arts) is learning teamwork and group trust. Most, if not all, performing arts classes in high school are about being in an ensemble. This involves cohesion and communication between different sections and people. To create the best final performance, individual players must not be afraid to offer constructive suggestions to others.

Finally, participation in visual and performing arts rewires the brain in beneficial ways. For example, participating in visual arts helps students recognize patterns, find meaning from complexity, and understand metaphorical representations.

But what do you think? Does the art requirement encourage students to try new things? Or is it simply another hoop to jump through? Feel free to leave a response in the comments

Written by Jenna M., Homework Assistant

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