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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Life-Changing Tip for Speed Reading

Do you ever let your eyes trail off while reading a text? Do you find it difficult to maintain a focused reading mindset? I, for one, have personally struggled with both habits throughout my career as an English student. Last week, however, a friend shared a simple idea that has (only in last couple of days, admittedly) revolutionized the way I tackle chunks of my newly assigned required reading book, Wuthering Heights.

First, find the audio book on Youtube. Quite often, school-assigned books are in the Public Domain, so audio books will be free and easy to find (and if not, you might be able to borrow the audiobook from the library - just ask a librarian!). Then--here comes the great part--click the settings icon on the Youtube video and change the speed from 'Normal' to either '1.5' or even '2.0'. Now, just listen to the accelerated version while you read along. Coupling both reading as well as listening will reinforce your understanding of the action while also keeping you focused. The increased speed makes using audio books WAY more time efficient. And if the pace feels fast at first, don't worry! You'll acclimate to it quickly.
So there it is. Silly, I know. But man, has it helped me. Changing the speed may also be useful if you want to zip through a review video on science or math.

Post by Allie C., Homework Assistant.

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