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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Useful Chromebook Extensions

Useful Chromebook Extensions

This year Los Altos High School implemented the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy which requires students who have a laptop to bring it to school every single day. For those students who don't have access to a laptop, the school provided Chromebooks which were bought thanks to the support of Google and the MVLA foundation. Mountain View High School will be implementing BYOD next year, so all you Spartans be prepared for this. There are many perks to this policy. For one, all students will have access to a computer which will make classwork assignment and homework assignments that require the use of a computer doable for all students. It also means that students can have access to more knowledge through the internet. Since the only browser on the google Chromebooks is google knowing what the google store can offer can make a difference in your use.

Here are some useful chrome extensions:

tab snooze -  this extension allows you to hide tabs that you aren't currently using but will in the future

stayfocusd - Blocks sites for a period of time. Great for when you are studying for tests, quizzes and final and don't want tumblr or facebook to distract you!

Lazarus- Have you ever been working on an online form an your browser suddenly crashes on you? Well, this extensions saves your work, so you don't have to worry about your page crashing and your hard work being erased.

gmail offline -allows you to use gmail without an internet connection. Comes in handy when there is no internet service and you want to make sure to write a few emails.

Turn off Lights- Great extension for when you want to watch a video in a cinema like experience

Tab scissors and Tab glue - This has to be my favorite set of extension for chrome. By installing tab scissors, you are able to split a window containing two tabs into two separate widows that are the same length which is great when you are researching and taking notes. When you want to merge the two open tabs you use tab glue which glues the tabs together again.

Adblock for YouTube- Create extension for blocking most of the ads on YouTube videos.

Highlight to Search- Great extensions that helps you search keywords//phrases when reading online by highlighting the word/phrase.

Written by Maria, Homework Assistant

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