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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Awesome Things to do BEFORE You Finish High School

I officially only have a year and a quarter left of high school (scary!). While I am excited to get out of high school, I also want to make the best of it before I leave. I have compiled a list from different websites of advice for how to make the most before you leave! 
  • Take a class you genuinely enjoy! 
    • There are so many requirements of what you need to graduate. Once you are finished with those, take a class just for the sake of enjoying it! 
  • Take care of yourself!
    • Now you may roll your eyes at this but learning how to take care of yourself in high school is extremely important. The ability to exercise and manage your sleep schedule are skills that benefit you all the way to college. Generally, taking care of yourself reduces stress and increases your happiness. 
  • Go to Prom or any other dance!
    • Even if you hate it with every fiber of your being, let's face it. It is a night you will remember forever. Everyone you know dresses up and has one central objective: to have fun! It is also extremely fun to ASK someone. On pi day, I was asked to Prom with a pie and a little note that read "Wouldn't we be cutie-pi's if we went to Prom together?" 
  • Support your friends in their activities
    • I never ever thought I would enjoy any school plays or sports game. As soon as I actually went, I realized how fun it was to cheer on and support my friends. Not only does this bring one closer to their friends, it also gives one new experiences to learn from. 
  • Have fun with your friends
    • School doesn't always have to be straight A's, five AP classes, or a perfect SAT score. It can be those memories with your friends. One extremely fun thing to do is pull pranks on your friends. Now don't get the impression that you should go pull off the biggest prank in the history of mankind. Just do fun little things with your friends! It will make their day and yours. My freshman year, I surprised my friend by sticking Oreos on the exterior of his car. Be sure to also find a fun activity to do with your friends so it can be your activity. For example, have a book or movie marathon during breaks. It is an activity that will benefit everyone. 
  • Make new friends and make amends with any you have drifted away from!
    • It is true that the people you least expect to be friends with you end up being your closest. Take a leap of faith and be friendly to someone new. Also be sure to make amends with any "frenemies," It reduces stress and generally allows one to feel happier.
  • Make a time capsule! 
    • It will be amazing to see what you were like in high school and how much you changed. Time capsules help you see the fun you had and bring back awesome memories. 
I'm sure there are countless other things that can be added to this list! Be sure to comment below with any you think of! 


by Rebecca B., Homework Assistant

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