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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Break Day Trips

An awesome spring break doesn't have to mean an exotic trip to a tropical location, there are tons of fun destinations right around the Bay Area! Below are some spring break day trip ideas for every personality.

For the Hipster- Thrift Store Shopping in Berkely. 

Berkeley is a great day trip for High School students. First of all, you can make the day into a college visit by signing up for a tour and information session at U.C. Berkeley. After learning about this renowned university, explore the artsy streets of Berkeley! If you're in to thrifting, Berkeley is the perfect place. You can either wander from store to store when you get there, or read up on the most popular store before you go. Yelp has helpful reviews. After a long day of shopping and touring, unwind at a hipster cafe. Caffe Trieste on San Pablo Avenue is the perfect place to enjoy live music and a latte. A bonus: Berkeley is accessible by Bart, so you and your friends can get there easily even if none of you can drive. 

For the Thrill Seeker- Zip Lining in Felton, CA.
Felton is a quaint town in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Get a grou of friends together and book a zip lining adventure through Redwood Canopy Tours (Just make sure no one is afraid of heights!). On the way to Felton, make a pit-stop at the Rocky Cafe for a delicious brunch that can be enjoyed on the restaurant's second floor deck!

For the Foodie- A Treat Quest in San Francisco
Do some delicious research on a fun day trip to SF. As an example, you and your friends can decide to find the best chocolate chip cookie in all of San Francisco. New artisan bakeries will take you all over the city on your quest. Gather cookies from each place, then settle down for a huge taste-off (maybe in a scenic location like Golden Gate Park?) and determine your winners. Not only will you get enjoy some pretty delicious cookies, a quest like this is a great way to explore San Francisco and discover some cool businesses and plan out a couple of stops out on Yelp beforehand, but feel free to explore once you get there! Some other ideas for a quest include the best cupcakes, the best sourdough bread, the craziest ice cream flavor, or the freshest fruit. The list goes on and on!

For the Young at Heart- Exploring the Aquarium and More in Monterrey
Get up early in the morning and head to the beautiful, waterfront town of Monterrey. Enjoy crepes (with plenty of toppings) at Crepes of Brittany. Then, head over to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium a.k.a. the place you went on a field trip in elementary school that is still incredibly fun. Going as a teen is great because you get a student discount. After marveling at the fish (staring at the fish who swim around and around in their doughnut shaped tank is strangely addicting), explore other Monterrey attractions. Dennis the Menace Park has probably the coolest play structure of all time complete with a climbing wall, a pirate ship, tons of slide, and much more!

Written by Allie C. Homework Assistant

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