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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Desserts From Around the World

Do you have a serious sweet tooth? Do you have a craving for treats more exotic than gelato, crepes, and macarons? If so, keep on reading and check out these lesser-known desserts from around the world:

1. Umm Ali 
Umm Ali is an Egyptian dessert made out of puff pastry (or phyllo dough), pine nuts, milk, cream, and coconut. It is often compared to bread pudding and can be served with ice cream or whipped cream.

Gulab Jamun is a traditional celebration and festival treat from India. It is made of a powdered milk dough that is fried and then soaked in rose syrup. I have tried this myself, and I (among others) would describe it as a decadent, syrupy doughnut hole.

3. Malva Pudding:
Malva pudding is a South African apricot pudding, although its spongy texture can make it seem more like a cake. Other ingredients (such as dates or wine) can vary among regions. Typically, malva pudding is served hot with a sauce on top and ice cream or custard on the side.

Lapis legit is an Indonesian cake with its origins in the Dutch colonial period. It is a very rich spice cake consisting of mace, anise, cardamom, and cinnamon, among others. Its most distinctive feature is its many layers, which are sometimes used to create a design. 

Espumillas are colorful fruit meringue served as street food in Ecuador. They are often sold during festivals or weekends and are often confused for ice cream (due to its appearance and being sold in an ice cream cone). Epsumillas are typically made out of fresh guava, but can be made out of other fruit as well.

Feel free to comment with your favorite desserts from your culture!

Written by Jenna M., Homework Assistant

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