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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Read All About it! Easy and Fun Ways to Keep Up on World News

Read All About it! Easy and Fun Ways to Keep Up on World News

For many of us teenagers, we are only a few short years being able to vote. How crazy is that? I, for one, cannot believe that in the next presidential election (in 2016) I will actually get to fill out a ballot! At this point, I feel so woefully uninformed about what is going on in the world we live in. I have made a goal for 2015 to follow current events more closely so by the time I can participate in our democracy, I’ll actually have an educated stance (rather than the current extent of my political perspective: “Paul Ryan? His forehead is hilarious!”) In my quest for some degree of education in current world issues, I’ve discovered some easy tips for keeping up with the news.
1.       1. Change your browser home screen to your favorite news site
 By customizing your Google home page to a news source (consider Associated Press, the New York Times, NPR, or BBC) every time you open the browser you can skim the always-changing headlines. If a story catches your eye, read on!

2.      2. Get news updates sent to your smartphone.
Many journalism apps have the capability to send notifications of breaking news right to your phone. Every time something notable happens, you will be the first to know, and you can impress your friends with your crazy knowledge!  Alternatively, you can sign up to have the New York Times' morning and evening news briefs (containing all the necessary information to start or end your day) sent directly to your email account. 

3.      3. Watch news parody shows
Have a little fun with your news! Shows like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver or The Daily Show with Jon Stewart report accurate stories with a satirical twist. A disclaimer: don’t use these shows as your only source of news because they tend to have bias towards the liberal perspective. I consider myself to be quite liberal, but it’s always good to read a more objective report as well.
4.       4. Curate your social media
Another way of receiving notifications on breaking news is to follow news sources on Facebook or Twitter! Their posts will show up on your feed, bringing you up to speed on current events.

5.     5.  This one takes true dedication… Make NPR a preset channel on your radio
Ok, ok, so NPR (National Public Radio) might bore you to sleep most of the time. But honestly, I now find it really soothing and interesting. I love it because the news is more comprehensive than simple headlines; you often get to hear different perspectives on the same issue.
Join me, you guys! Let’s impress our teachers by having a legit opinion on current issues! Let’s impress everyone who stalks us on Facebook or rides in our cars (i.e. “OMG you listen to NPR, you’re so classy”)! And you guys, let’s be the most informed generation of voters yet!

Post by Allie C, Homework Assistant

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