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Monday, January 5, 2015

Lammily vs. Barbie: A movement towards realistic beauty standards

For generations, Barbie has represented a symbol of beauty in our culture. However, as one of the most popular toys in history, millions of girls have received not only the doll, but also a flawed message about what it means to be beautiful. In fact, according to the, if Barbie were a real human her waist would measure an impossibly tiny 16 inches (for reference, an average soccer ball has a circumference of 23 inches). The average waistline of today’s women? 35 inches. If we continue to regard Barbie with the same idolization, we will be perpetuating the harmful idea that beauty is synonymous with (ridiculously) skinny, tall and blonde.

Enter Lammily: a new doll that we can be proud of. Lammily Doll was modeled after average body proportions in order to promote realistic beauty standards. In January, a pack of stickers will unveiled so girls can give Lammily acne, freckles, moles, cellulite, scars, and even tattoos. Why? Because “perfection” is out, and being yourself is in.

What do you guys think about Lammily? Is it no longer Barbie’s day (or decades) in the sun?

If you are interested about the history of Barbie and her influence on society, check out these books! They’re available in the Mountain View Public Library.

Post by Allie C, Homework Assistant

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