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Friday, July 4, 2014

What's happening to cartoons?

What's happening to cartoons?

Remember those Saturday mornings when you woke up early just to watch cartoons? What happened to those cartoons?  Shows like Jackie Chan Adventures, the Jetsons, Hey Arnold, and Dexter's Laboratory all disappeared. Today's youth watch shows like the Regular show, the Amazing World of Gumball, and Adventure Time. None of these modern cartoons are as good as those cartoons of the 90s, that's for sure. Old cartoons do not only have a good plot line, but they teach us life lessons. I mean Arnold's character in Hey Arnold weaves in issues that kids in inner cities experienced, but you probably never noticed. However, the main goal of today's shows is to gain money. When the producers of T.V. shows see that their show growing in viewers they don't waste a minute and begin advertising merchandise. Soon you have children throwing tantrums at stores because they want the shirt with Finn or Jake from Adventure Time, but their parents won't buy it to them? This is modern cartoons have caused. Please feel free to comment with your opinion on this topic.

Maria -Homework Assistant

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  1. I would like to politely disagree with your opinion that cartoons today are as good as the cartoons of the 90s. I think that humor has definitely changed through the years, but I've seen some great storytelling episodes of the Regular Show, the Amazing World of Gumball, and Adventure Time!