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Monday, February 10, 2014

Preparing For College

College. It's a stressful thought. I'm stressed just thinking about it! Obviously, college is a huge part of our lives. We see collegiate flags decorating the walls of school classrooms. We take the SAT and ACT exams, purchasing hundreds of dollars of worth of standardized testing material. We contribute to extracurriculars in hopes of winning laurels. So you might ask, how can I better prepare myself for the rigor of applying to college?

Here's a breakdown of what an admissions officer would look at:

1. GPA and Class Rank
Of utmost importance is your academic performance. Ask yourself, is the rigor of classes I'm taking (Regular, Honors, or AP) suited to the college I'd like to attend? Challenge yourself. Take a leap of faith. Most importantly, try your best in every single endeavor you take.

2. SAT or ACT
Standardized testing, no matter how dreary and unexciting, is a large part of the college process. In order to score high, you must practice taking the exams numerous times.

3. Extracurriculars
Sports. Clubs. Competitions. What are you interested in? Do it. Excel and become a leader in your chosen field of interest. Conduct research at the local university. Score the winning touchdown at the homecoming game. Pursue your interests outside the classroom and distinguish yourself as a unique person.

Above all, don't stress about it! It's high school, have the time of your life and make some lasting friendships.
Mary L.
Homework Assistant

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