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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

College Applications

We're done applying to college now?! It's a thought that still shocks and stuns many a senior, as it seems as though only yesterday were we in elementary school, learning the useless skill of cursive, or middle school, bearing through several terrible years, or entering high school, losing sleep over numerous assignments. Nostalgia hit me like a blast as I filled out my first applications this fall. How could I finally be a senior? Didn't I just finish up freshman year?
Essentially nothing has changed, except I'm taller, smarter, and more experienced. Okay, so everything has changed. Though you might not notice the differences, your parents, your friends, and even your teachers have watched you grow through the years, finally arriving at where you are now--on the cusp of college. So here's a rundown of the college process, tidbits of information that I've gathered through the years.

Standardized Testing Exams (SAT and ACT)
Though many colleges accept either, I highly suggest you take both exams. Who knows? You might receive a 2000 on the SAT but a 35 on the ACT!
National Averages for the SAT - Critical Reading 496 Mathematics 514 Writing 488
National Averages for the ACT - Composite Score 22

Early Action/Early Decision
For these decision plans, you apply to the college of your choice on an earlier basis. Early Decision is binding, meaning if accepted, you MUST attend the college, so make sure you really love the college! Early Action, unless it is Restricted, is not binding. This means that even though you receive word of acceptance or denial earlier, you do not have to attend.

Hope that helps!
Mary L - Homework Assistant

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  1. Cursive is useful when you start signing stuff as an adult. Who wants an ugly signature, right?