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Monday, February 3, 2014

A Drop In The Ocean

A drop in the ocean isn't just a Ron Pope song (listen to it, it's pretty good), its actually a pretty good concept. It's the idea that doing something, no matter how small, over time can make a big difference. A good example of this is that I had a jar in my room that I filled with leftover change from whatever I bought and two weeks ago it officially overflowed, leaving me wondering how much money was actually in the jar. I went to the store to buy the necessary materials to sort out the money and found out that it was almost $200! So that goes to prove that you can make a big difference, whether it be in your bank account or the world, no matter how small the gesture.

Speaking of the world, someone in the Teen Zone told me about a really awesome website (it is, after all, the inspiration behind this post). The World Population Clock is a website that gives you an average of the worlds population along with the population in the US. Along with that it gives you states, counties, and cities populations and densities. Call me a nerd, but this is generally interesting, so go check it out!

The link is here and here and here.

Kathleen- Homework Assistant

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