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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Welcome to the Teen Zone Blog!!!

If this is your first time looking at the Teen Zone blog, welcome!!!

The Library is making some behind the scene changes to the computers in the library, starting with those in the Teen Zone.

As a result of that change, the browser home page in the Teen Zone is now the Teen Zone blog.

The blog has been here for quite some time, but you had to go looking for it - now it's right under your nose!

Stop a minute, take a chance to look around. Here you'll find info on the Teen Zone, the library, and blog posts about all sorts of things - new books, library happenings, homework help, fashion, sleep - you name it!

Blog posts are written by a bunch of different people - the homework assistants, the Teen Advisory Group members, and the teen librarian (that's me!) If you're interested in writing for the blog drop me an email at

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