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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Movie to See!

The book that everyone reads junior year in high school has just been made into a movie! That’s right, The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo De Caprio has made its way into theaters.

I know most of you will probably see it for the fun of it but for those of you who are still on the edge, seeing this movie has more pros than cons, trust me. This movie has a suspenseful story line where the main character falls in love and does everything in his power to stay connected to his one true love. He throws elaborate parties hoping that one day she will attend one, and once she does he will rekindle their romance that was there long ago.

But don’t worry, guys, there is action packed scenes too when being with one person just isn’t enough.

Of course it will make reading this book in the future a little more bearable for those of you who don’t like reading assigned books in class.

Now that I’ve convinced you to go see it, check it out at the local Shoreline movie theater and tell me what you think, and please don’t spoil the good parts!

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