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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Changing Through the Decades


            Do your parents ever give you the “back in the day, when I was a teenager” speech?
If you answered yes, you’ve probably heard all about how you can’t wear skirts too high above your knee-girls or your pants should be above your waist-guys. We often just stop listening after a while, myself included, and don’t think about where they’re coming from. 

            For example, prom is just around the corner for many high school girls, or even graduation dances for eight grade girls, where getting a fashionable dress is a necessity. However, what teens today consider fashionable may not be the same with what girls in the 60’s or 80’s consider fashionable. Parents are also realizing the difference in the generation’s styles’. High schools in Oklahoma City, Leesburg Georgia, and Dallas Texas have banned certain prom dresses due the shortness in length, cutouts, and thigh high slits. Parents and school officials feel like these factors are inappropriate and should not be included in prom dresses worn in high school.

Recent trends are proving to be more provocative and risky compared to trend in the past. Parents are used to dresses being past the knee or floor length because they weren’t allowed to wear anything less. In the 60’s if a girls dress didn’t touch the ground it was a big deal and wearing shorts was unspoken of.  Parents want to reinforce more conservative dresses like before, which is why backless dresses aren’t being allowed in school functions anymore.

I know being a teen is hard enough without having people limit what you wear to prom but what do you feel is appropriate to wear?

*If you feel uncomfortable seeing a person in a revealing dress, it probably means that it shouldn’t be worn. 

What are your thoughts?....

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