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Friday, March 22, 2013

Controversial Sex Article

Mountain View High School’s newspaper, The Oracle has recently angered many parents into going to the State Board of Education to change what is being written and displayed to its students.

But before I tell you this, I should probably explain why so many parents want to limit what is written. Usually when a parent gets really involved in their child’s school it has something to with grades or drugs. 

However, I’m sure a lot of parents were surprised to find a “Sex and Romance” section in their child’s newspaper. From a teen’s point of view this section was more helpful than shocking.

It contained a series of articles based on sexual tendencies such as a safe sex poll taken by a variety of students from MVHS expressing the average age teens become sexually active. It also included articles talking about safe sex and how to get protected.  The author of this particular article stated that this was put in place in order to inform students of the resources available to them.

Although some of these articles were directed towards helping teens, parents took the purpose of these articles differently. Parents were outraged at what advice was being given to their children. They felt that some of these articles were encouraging students rather than helping them.

Sex is a very sensitive topic between a teen and their parents, which is why schools teach sex-ed in order to help teens make smart decisions. Whether or not school newspapers should be allowed to do the same is still being discussed.

Should students have the right to talk about important issues, no matter the topic? Or, should the school newspaper be cautious of what articles they print? 

Blog post by Lyric, teen homework assistant 

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