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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine's Day

Movies, books and even TV commercials make Valentines Day seem like the most romantic day of the year.

However, when that love is displayed in front of friends, acquaintances, and everyone else at school, it can cause people who aren't in a relationship to feel alone and un-liked by others. This is one holiday that I can personally say is dreaded by most. If you aren't in a relationship and have no one special to exchange romantic gifts with this holiday isn't very fun.

However just because a guy or girl you like doesn't think of you, doesn't mean a friend can't. It's nice to feel special on Valentines Day, no matter where that love comes from.

This is a day to celebrate love of all kinds so make a thoughtful card for one of your friends or someone you don't even know, that way you can make someone else feel good, which in return makes you feel better.

Change how you see this holiday to make sure Valentines Day will always be a holiday to look forward to instead of making you feel sad inside

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