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Friday, October 26, 2012

Zombie Book Review

   Die For Me         
                              A must-read for any zombie fan!
Die for Me is a suspenseful novel set in Paris. The main character, Kate, is an American girl who has lost her parents. She moves to Paris along with her sister to live with her grandparents. After a while, she meets Vincent, a “normal” French boy (or at least she thinks), but he is actually a “revenant”, an immortal guardian angel who saves human lives. Vincent lives with his friends, who are also revenants. Unfortunately, they have enemies, who are bad revenants called “numa”, who use their powers to kill people. Kate must defend herself and Vincent from the numa.  
Will they succeed? Read the book to find out!
You are lucky! It happens to be a Trilogy!
The second book is already out!
Can’t wait for book 3!
                                   A blog by Krishna, TAG member

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