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Friday, August 10, 2012

Music, simplified.

Finally, at long last, the library is changing the way that we organize our CD collection in the Teen Zone.

Up until now the music has been labeled and grouped by numbers corresponding to the Dewey Decimal System. Which give us labels like Y CD 781.63 Spears, because 781.63 is the number for Pop music don't ya know?

It's not the most use-friendly way to organize music, so we're changing things up!

After a long process of reviewing the music collection and moving some things to adult, and relabeling a whole lot of other things, we're organizing the music collection by categories like Rock and Pop, which should make things much easier to find.

The new labels look like this:
It's going to take a while to re-label everything, and in the meantime music will be a little bit hard to find (the newly labeled stuff is on a cart next to the shelves, the shelves are kind of empty) so be patient with us!

As always, email marie.richardson@mountainview.gov with questions. And if you want to suggest music that we don't have we like that too!

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