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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teen Movie Review - Back to the Future

Written by Monisha, 10th grade, Teen Advisory Group Member

Ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time? What it would be like to see your parents when they were your age and how they first met? Well you get all that and much more in the film Back to the Future (1985) starring a young Michael J. Fox.

The first time that I heard about this movie was when I went on the Back to the Future ride at Universal Studios, LA. Back then all I knew was that there was this movie with an awesome 3-D ride which actually makes you feel like you're moving through space. But then, many years later in my 10th grade history class, both my teacher and the kid sitting behind me tell me that it was one of their favorite movies. Remembering that as I came home, I thought "What the heck" and got a copy of the movie to watch.

When I learned that the movie was going to be two hours long, I was shocked. What was this movie about? Well, basically, it's about a teenage boy Marty McFly; he has a wimp for a father and an overweight whiner for a mother. Add to this his band just got rejected from playing at the school dance and he can't take his girlfriend out on a date because his car is crashed and you get a gloomy kid. But wait! His friend, Doc, calls him up at night and asks him to come to the mall parking lot to see an amazing invention. It's a time machine! But oh no, Marty accidentally gets sent back to the past! Will he make it back? And what does he find out about his parents? Well, you just have to watch this funny, suspenseful movie to find out.

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