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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can you imagine living like this?

What if your whole home looked like this?

It's one thing if the garage (or closet) gets a little cluttered, but think about what it would be like if every room in your home looked like this.

For many people this is reality. Hoarders are people who can't throw away anything that might have value - newspapers, clothing, empty medicine bottles - anything.

I just went to a fabulous author forum, and one of the author's was C. J. Omololu, whose novel "Dirty Little Secrets" tells the story of Lucy, a girl whose mother is a hoarder. When Lucy finds her mother has died under a stack of magazines, she has to decide how to deal with a lifetime's worth of secrets.

The author talked about how she was inspired to write this story after reading an article about hoarding, and how she's become friends with some people she met and talked to while researching for the book.

C.J. Omololu is a local (Bay Area) author and it was great to meet her in person. Even though she never planned to be a writer she says she read a ton when she was young - let's hear it for reading!

I really enjoyed this book. Lucy is a really compelling character, and I understood her wanting to keep her mother's hoarding a secret.

Some of the descriptions of the filth in their house left me feeling kind of itchy, but it did inspire me to throw out some old newspapers I'd been planning to read!

If you, or someone you know, has a hoarding problem there's a lot of good information available on the web. Try:

Children of Hoarders

The International OCD Hoarding Center


The Mayo Clinic on Hoarding

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